Use Your Dental Insurance By the End of Year Before It Runs Out

Use Your Dental Insurance By the End of Year Before It Runs Out

As the year comes to a close, you should focus on using your dental insurance plans before it runs out. If you’re busy planning for the holidays, it can be tempting to postpone a dentist’s appointment until next year. However, by giving in to this temptation, you will be cheating yourself out of both health and money. Here are a few reasons why you should maximize your dental insurance by the end of the year.

No Rolling Over

If you pay even just a dime for your dental insurance, you should feel entitled to maximize it each and every year. Initially, many people harbor the misconception that benefits roll over to the next year. Such a misconception causes many people to use their dental insurance as infrequently as possible in order to save their benefits for a time in which they “truly” need it.

Since dental insurance is similar to a supplemental plan, you only get a certain amount of benefits each year. Instead of rolling over and accumulating over the years, these benefits are renewed every year. Therefore, by failing to maximize your dental insurance, you are only hurting yourself and wasting your own money. If the benefits don’t accumulate, you might as well use up all of the benefits by the end of the year before they expire.

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Maintain Your Health

Another reason why you should maximize your dental insurance every year is to maintain your oral health. Ideally, you should be going to the dentist at least two times a month. However, if you have teeth that are prone to cavities and rotting, you should see your dentist even more frequently. Of course, if you happen to be suffering from an oral disease of some sort, such as periodontal gum disease, it will do you good to see your dentist as much as possible.

Even if your teeth are in great shape, you will still benefit from frequent, regular dentist’s visits. If undetected, oral diseases and cavities can erode your teeth and gums very quickly. Therefore, if you see your dentist regularly, all cavities, rotting, and oral diseases will be detected quickly and promptly dealt with before they escalate into huge problems.

Also, your dentist won’t be just looking for symptoms of diseases like periodontal gum disease. Dentists are also capable of identifying signs of oral cancer and even diabetes just by taking a look at your mouth. Even people with the healthiest teeth are susceptible to oral cancer, as cancer is typically a result of genetic mutations and exposure to carcinogens.

Use Up Remaining FSA Balance

While you may not be as motivated about maximizing your dental insurance benefits, you’re probably all about using up your remaining FSA balance by the end of the year. If you have a flexible spending account with your employer, you may end up with a rather hefty leftover balance by the end of the year. One way you can utilize this balance is by maximizing your health insurance. Just like with dental insurance benefits, if you don’t use up all of your FSA balance, you will lose it at the end of the year.


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