20 Prominent Politicians Who Should Have Better Pearly Whites  

20 Prominent Politicians Who Should Have Better Pearly Whites  

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A great smile goes a long way in this world.

Given the smile is the first thing you see when you look at a person, having a great set of pearly whites is essential to making a good impression and succeeding in your career.

Yet, many politicians, despite their wealth and power, have surprisingly poor dental hygiene. These politicians go against the grain in terms of using your smile to advance your career progression. Please do not follow in their footsteps.

Here is a list of the top 20 politicians who should be devoting more time to their dental care routine.

  1. Dick Cheney:Perhaps the worst teeth of any politician, Cheney could definitely use some teeth whitening treatments and orthodontics.
  2. Antonin Scalia:Giving Cheney a run for his money, his yellow and jagged teeth could benefit from some dental crowns.
  3. George H.W. Bush:His teeth have gone from yellow to brown, exhibiting rapid signs of decay. Given the wealth he possesses, dental crowns would be a wise investment.
  4. Bernie Sanders:Given Sanders is 74 years old, his teeth can’t be expected to be perfect. Nonetheless, his yellowing teeth can be a bit off-putting and are a sign of poor dental care. Plus, better teeth would undoubtedly improve his rankings in the presidential campaign.
  5. George W. Bush:Perhaps bad teeth run in the family. Not only are his teeth significantly discolored, but they’re also worn down from years of grinding. Perhaps the teeth grinding is a result of the stress of presidency. Nonetheless, a dental night guard could have prevented the vast deterioration.
  6. David Cameron:As the British Prime Minister, he certainly isn’t striving to put an end to bad stereotypes. With crooked teeth that are misshapen and discolored, apparently his parents never taught him the importance of thorough brushing.
  7. John Hickenlooper:John Hickenlooper’s teeth are very crooked, and his mouth appears to be overcrowded with teeth. Perhaps he hasn’t heard of Propel, which could fast-track Invisalign and straighten his teeth in as little as three months.
  8. Bill de Blasio:While his teeth aren’t horrible, they appear to have experienced significant erosion, which can cause other dental problems later on.
  9. Phil Bryant:As the governor of Mississippi, you’d think he’d work on straightening his teeth to enhance his public persona.
  10. Tom Corbett:While Corbett was blessed with a straight set of teeth, his tooth discoloration could easily be cleared up with a bit of Opalescence Go.
  11. Dick Thornburgh:As the U.S. Attorney General, the people of America need to be able to trust him thoroughly. Evidence suggests that people are more trusting of those with good teeth, so Thornburgh would be doing himself a favor to visit an orthodontist.
  12. Tony Blair:Blair’s advanced discoloration signifies serious tooth decay that, if left unattended, could result in some painful root canals.
  13. Sachin Pilot:A member of the Indian National Congress, he possesses wealth and power few could dream of, and yet his yellow teeth suggest a lack of care for basic health and dental hygiene.
  14. Ron Paul:At his age, his dental care is actually quite impressive. Nonetheless, given he himself is a doctor, you’d think he’d be inclined to visit a dentist about his browning teeth and darkening gum line.
  15. John McCain:His yellowing teeth are indicative of advanced erosion. Perhaps cutting back on coffee and brushing more thoroughly could have prevented his dental problems.
  16. Clarence Thomas:Though rarely seen smiling, his occasional grin reveals a wide gap between his two front teeth, which could easily be eliminated with orthodontic care.
  17. Ruth Bader Ginsberg:Her teeth are quite nice for her age, but her bite appears to be out of alignment. Her significant overbite could lead to jaw problems and speech complications.
  18. Stephen Breyer:With his yellowing teeth, he’d be a prime candidate for Sinsational Smile, which whitens teeth in just 20 minutes.
  19. Samuel Alto:While not a bad smile, Alto could use some improvement in the whitening area.
  20. George Washington:While it’s obviously too late for dental care, he supposedly wore wooden dentures. During his time, dental care wasn’t nearly as evolved, so Washington gets a free pass.


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