Why Pearly Whites Are Sexy (This Holiday Season)  

Why Pearly Whites Are Sexy (This Holiday Season)  

With the holidays coming up, many people are preparing for trips home to see their family, planning their holiday parties, and bracing themselves for their annual kisses beneath the mistletoe. Prior to waltzing into the party with your significant other hanging from your arm, you need to ensure that both of you are looking your best. There is no better time than the holidays to whiten your teeth, so your smile can be as bright as the snow beneath the sun.

With the holidays fast approaching, you only have a few weeks to whiten your teeth. Fortunately, there are some fast and easy tips to enhance the shine of your smile.

Why Pearly White Teeth Are Sexy During the Holidays

White teeth are widely regarded as one of the most attractive traits a person can have. There are a variety of reasons people prefer those with a fantastic set of pearly whites. Here are some of the primary appeals.

  • White teeth indicate good hygiene practices.Hygiene is an important aspect of our society, and people place high value on an individual’s ability to maintain a cleanly and groomed appearance. For the same reasons that combing your hair, wearing clean clothes, and showering daily are essential habits, taking care of your teeth is equally imperative. A clean and white smile provides a more refined and professional appearance, which will naturally entice those around you.
  • White teeth demonstrate high self-worth.Typically, people with low self-esteem devote less time to their appearance and grooming habits. Great hygiene habits are indicative of a positive self-image because those with high self-worth strive to look and feel their best.
  • White teeth are a sign of affluence.A study suggests that poor people have fewer teeth than rich people and are more prone to tooth discoloration and decay. The ability to care for oneself financially is widely viewed as an attractive trait by society, and yellowing teeth can indicate to others that you’re unable to afford your basic needs.
  • White teeth are more aesthetically appealing. Pearly whites are simply more attractive than yellowing and discolored teeth. To look your best and make a great impression on others, having a beautiful set of pearly whites is beneficial.

As you and your partner bounce between holiday parties, you both want to be looking your best. Introducing your new partner to friends and family can be an intimidating and anxiety-ridden experience. However, provided you both have a sparkling smile, you can feel more confident and be more positively received by your peers.

How to Get White Teeth by the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, you only have a few weeks to whiten your teeth. Fortunately, there are some fast and easy tips to enhance the shine of your smile.

  • Use Opalescence Go.Opalescence Go provides you with the power of dentist-grade teeth whitening from home. It contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to clean and strengthen enamel while removing discoloration.
  • Avoid coffee, wine, and tobacco. Coffee and wine are both highly acidic, which can erode enamel and stain the teeth. Smoking and other tobacco products also lead to tooth discoloration, while increasing your chances of tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  • Use Sinsational Smile.Sinsational Smile can whiten teeth in just 20 minutes. The treatment uses a prefilled silicone tray and LED lights to accelerate the activation of the whitening gel. This allows you to achieve a whiter smile in less time than ordinary whitening treatments.

With everyone reconvening with family and friends this holiday season, it’s more important than ever to look your best. Teeth whitening treatments, like Opalescence Go and Sinsational Smile, will help you and your partner achieve a brilliant and glistening smile in as little as 20 minutes.


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