Why Many Millennials Refuse to Brush Their Teeth

Why Many Millennials Refuse to Brush Their Teeth

A majority of millennial’s don’t brush their teeth – at least not as much as older generations.

While that may sound shockingly unhealthy, it’s not what you think. The millennial generation has ditched the generic toothbrush in pursuit of more advanced teeth cleaning devices such as Sonicare plaque removers.

The millennial generation has always been drawn to technological innovation, and they are constantly seeking ways to simplify their lives and optimize efficiency. In the same way millennials have ditched landline phones for cell phones, desktop computers for laptops, and cd players for iPods, now the lowly toothbrush has been replaced by bigger and better technology.

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There are a variety of advantages that Sonicare and other electric plaque removers have over standard toothbrushes. Here are some of the top benefits to consider.

  1. They are easy to use. Millennials thrive on efficiency, which is why useful gadgets and timesaving apps have been trending these last few years. Sonicare can reduce the time and energy you expend brushing your teeth because it’s easier and more efficient to use than a standard toothbrush. Sonicare bristles vibrate against the teeth and  the small head can reach anywhere, even in a small mouth. The sonic vibration is way more effective at breaking up plaques, even in places no toothbrush can ever reach, like under the gums. This not only saves time, but it results in a more thorough clean and fresher breath.
  2. They remove more plaque. The vibration of Sonicare bristles helps to break up plaque and tartar. The rotating head reaches every nook and cranny, so no plaque is left behind. The teeth, tongue, and gums all receive a more comprehensive cleaning, resulting in fewer cavities and lowering your risk of gingivitis.
  3. They encourage longer and more thorough teeth cleaning. Many electric toothbrushes are timed, which encourages people to brush their teeth for a longer period. This is particularly useful for children who may have difficulties tracking the time they spend brushing their teeth.
  4. They access hard-to-reach places. Between the vibration of the bristles and the rotating heads, Sonicare will target every part of the mouth, leaving you with a cleaner and healthier smile. When brushing by hand, it’s difficult to ensure that you access every crevice within the teeth. Sonicare gets between the teeth, so every nook and cranny is carefully cleansed.
  5. They reduce bad breath.When food or beverages are consumed, food particles are left in the mouth. These food particles promote bacterial growth that hardens into plaque, causing unpleasant odors. Studies have shown that electric toothbrushes remove considerably more plaque than an ordinary toothbrush. With less bacteria and plaque lingering around in your mouth, you’ll experience fresher breath and a whiter smile.
  6. They are good for the gums.Vibrating plaque removers gently massage the gums, which will strengthen them over time and reduce your risk of developing periodontal disease.

More and more people are abandoning their toothbrushes in search of more effective teeth cleaning gadgets. Sonicare plaque removers are capable of eliminating significantly more plaque than regular toothbrushes, while strengthening the gums and reducing bad breath. This allows you to experience a cleaner, healthier mouth with less time and effort. Standard toothbrushes are rapidly becoming outdated technology.

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Millennial’s desire efficiency and ease-of-use, and Sonicare allows them to simplify their hygiene routine, while enhancing results. Maybe it’s time to give it a try.


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