TMJ Disorder: The Facts

TMJ Disorder: The Facts

If you’re new to TMJ disorder, you might just be wondering what it is, what causes it and how it’s treated. Today is your lucky day because our team is going to give you some of the facts about TMJ disorder.

1. TMD is an abbreviated name for temporomandibular joint disorder. Any problem that prevents the complex TMJ system of muscles, discs, bones and ligaments from working correctly may result in painful TMD.
2. One of the more common symptoms of TMJ disorder is pain in the chewing muscles and/or jaw joint. Other symptoms that should be paid attention to include: pain in the face, jaw or neck, a difference in the way the upper and lower teeth align or fit together, any stiffness in your jaw muscles, limited movement or locking of your jaw, and any painful clicking or popping in your jaw when moving your mouth.
3. Temporomandibular joint disorder affects nearly 10 million Americans.
4. Arthritis is a common cause of TMD. Be sure to discuss with your dentist of any symptoms or health conditions you have, this can help in how you will be treated for TMD.
5. Chewing gum can aggravate the joints in your jaw, causing pain in your TMJ joints.

If you are experiencing pain in your jaw or think you may have TMJ disorder, contact our offices to get a professional diagnosis from our dentists.

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