Teeth Whitening - Pearly Whites Family Dentistry
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Pearly Whites

Teeth Whitening

Are you interested in achieving a dazzling new smile? Then teeth whitening in Las Vegas, Nevada, may be a great option for you. Teeth whitening is the process used by Dr. Cat-Hien Nguyen to dissolve stains and discoloration from your tooth enamel, resulting in a whiter, more radiant smile. Our dentist is able to use teeth whitening to lighten stains, dark spots, and discoloration caused by:

  • Age
  • Fluorosis
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Tobacco use and smoking
  • Poor diet, rich in sugars and acids
  • Coffee, wine, and tea
  • Old dental restorations made of metal
  • Certain medications

While there are many different ways to whiten your smile, our team at Pearly Whites is proud to offer a revolutionary professional whitening system that can produce outstanding results in just 20 minutes. With no sensitivity, no high cost, and no long wait period, our teeth whitening system, Sinsational Smile®, is ideal for any of our patients looking to make a dramatic change to their smile in a short amount of time. Whitening trays to use at home are also available. No matter how you wish to whiten your smile, we have a solution that will meet your exact needs and goals. To learn more, schedule your cosmetic consultation today by calling our dentist today. We are excited to work with you as we strive to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!