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Pearly Whites Family Dentistry (702) 888-1220
4.8 5
South Eastern Avenue Las Vegas Nevada 89169
  • Before Pearly Whites, I was going to The Dental Spa, and seeing Dr. Hogan. That was always a pleasant experience, what with the hand wax, and warm neck wraps. The only thing I was never sure about was the quality of the work, which was something I got confirmed once I started going to Dr. Nguyen and... Read More
  • I'm very satisfied with the services I received at Pearly Whites yesterday. I have been going to this center for a couple of years now and it seems like my experience gets better every visit. They have a great group of employees and professionals working together as a team, and they are very well or... Read More
  • You guys are the coolest team in Las Vegas. Doctor Cat and I go way back and I’m always happy with your services. You’re all so personable, and your little touches make dental work enjoyable. My hygienist Gloria today was very gentle and we had a good conversation. I tell EVERYONE I know to go... Read More
  • In my 4 years , as a patient of Pearly whites i would say i always have an amazing experience seeing them. They treat patients like a VIP, . I like the warm neck pillow , hand waxing and the care they show the patients. Donna is a great hygenist, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Anthony are amazing. All staff v... Read More
  • Amazing customer care!!! From the day I booked my appointment til now, I am thoroughly impressed. The staff was very welcoming and comforting. My last visit was nearly 4 years ago and it seemed as if it was only yesterday they saw me. Something that stuck out for me, I had to reward by posting t... Read More