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TMJ – temporo-mandibular joints and
TMD – temporo-mandibular joint disorders

TMJ are the jaw joints that connect the lower jaw to the base of your skull. It is a closed system that includes the joints, cartilage, ligaments and muscles similar to the knee joint. Most of us don’t think about the functions of our body until it starts causing discomfort. Women during childbearing years tend to have more jaw joint issues than men due to the hormones that make our joints more flexible during childbirth, however, the effects can be devastating for both genders. Trauma, incorrect bite, clenching and grinding, teeth malalignment, incorrect sleep positions, sometimes orthodontics, or wisdom teeth removal could aggravate the TMJ system leading to TMD.


For those suffering from TMD issues, it could be just an aggravation or it could be an all-encompassing experience where seeking help is paramount. The symptoms could range from clicking/popping with or without pain, generalized facial pain, locked jaw, crooked openings, limited mouth openings, to tension headaches. Considering that we use our mouth to not only eat but talk, these joints get significant daily use. Our aim for TMD is to alleviate the symptoms and stabilize the joints. Surgery is the last option but sometimes unavoidable.


Dr. Cat Nguyen is an alumna of the Dawson Academy, an organization of dentists who treat all patients using the core focus of optimal TMJ alignments to achieve optimal dental health. We have successfully treated many patients with debilitating pain. Below is a testimonial video with one of dr. Nguyen’s patients who have achieved facial pain relief and a normal range of opening after many years of limited opening.


If you are experiencing headaches, facial pain, or an inability to open your jaw adequately, call us. We can help!