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Family & General Dentistry

Pearly Whites Family Dentistry exists to serve our patients. Being well versed in many aspects of dentistry, we can take care of most of your dental needs in house quickly and efficiently.  Your time is valuable and we do our best to maximize each of your visits while keeping you comfortable. We partner with other specialists in town to provide you with well-rounded care because we all work for you, and you deserve to have the best care possible.  We look forward to serving you and your family with a smile!


The first step to a healthy smile is a clean smile! At Pearly Whites, getting your teeth and gums to stay healthy and strong for a lifetime is our primary goal. You will get a personalized plan on how to keep your pearly whites healthy. Once you know the signs and symptoms of decay and what to watch out for in terms of problematic conditions, it’s easy to keep your healthy smile for life. For some patients, routine dental hygiene maintenance is all that’s needed to continue the path of health.  For others, gum infection therapy may be what’s needed until we can stabilize your teeth and gum health.  We will suggest a hygiene protocol that is tailored to you. The mouth-body connection is powerful as almost everything enters your body through the mouth, and not always through the intestines. Bleeding and infected gum is a major portal for bacteria and other microbes to directly enter your blood stream, and it is easily controlled. We welcome you to call us today to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to serving you and your family with a smile!


Dental fillings are a common type of dental restoration used to maintain the vitality and health of a tooth after decay has been removed.  There are many different types of dental fillings available, including silver and white fillings. Thanks to modern advances in dental technology, silver filings with its amalgamation of many metal alloys, including mercury, just isn’t worth the risk to your health when white fillings are available. If you are experiencing tooth pain or tooth sensitivity, or if you notice visible spots on the surface of your teeth, you may need a dental filling. We encourage you to call our team at Pearly Whites today to schedule an appointment. We hope to take care of your smile soon!


At Pearly Whites, we understand the impact losing teeth can have on your self-confidence and overall oral health. To help restore your missing teeth, we offer partial and complete dentures. Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that are custom fitted to you and are ideal for replacing the missing teeth in your smile.  Dentures are a great option for our patients looking for a cost-effective, non-invasive treatment option. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of dentures, we welcome you to contact our dental office today.  We are excited to give you a reason to smile again.


From start to finish, Pearly Whites is here to take care of your smile. You should know that having a knowledgeable and committed team guiding you through each step of your treatment process ensures a great outcome.  Patients who wish to undergo full mouth reconstructions no doubt have lots of questions. A full mouth reconstruction is a combination of all the treatments and services a patient needs to achieve optimal oral health and beauty. This treatment is generally suggested to our patients who are facing advanced dental conditions that require more extensive treatment. We are here to answer all your questions and help you feel excited about your smile again. Our team at Pearly Whites looks forward to working with you and your family, and we hope to hear from you soon.

TMD or TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders)

Why seal a tooth? What parts of a tooth is sealed?  You should consider keeping your perfect teeth perfect by protecting it with a layer of sealants.  Every back tooth has pits and fissures and cusps, like the earth’s terrain with valley and hills if looked from a high elevation.  We clean the pits and fissures and flow a plastic material so your “valleys” can remain free of food and debris. This is often covered by dental insurance on children up to age 14-16.  But we eat the same foods and our teeth get attacked by the same organisms and the same acids throughout our life, so why stop at 14?  We can brush well and still have decay because some pits are very small, and your tooth brush’s bristles simply don’t reach it. Ask our Pearly Whites team about the benefits of sealants and how easily it can be incorporated into your hygiene visits.


If you have throbbing pain, or are developing an abscess, that’s usually a sign that you need to seek immediate help. It’s common that a nerve was affected, or the root canal is involved leading to an infection. Under the care of our dentists at Pearly Whites Family Dentistry, root canal therapy does not have to be painful. In fact, we are generally able to complete a root canal therapy in a single visit to our dental office. We are dedicated to alleviating your pain and helping you get back on the road to a healthier smile.


If you have moderate to advanced tooth decay or damage or have had a very large silver or white filling that is no longer intact, a dental crown may be what’s needed to restore the size, shape, appearance, and function of your smile. Dental crowns are tooth colored porcelain or zirconia restorations that are made outside of the mouth to restore your damaged tooth.  Although metal and even gold crowns are available, advanced technologies have made them almost obsolete and we have chosen to work with better looking materials at Pearly Whites.  We have the ability to scan your tooth and fabricating your crowns in the same appointment, making it very convenient for you to get the needed work without having to plan for multiple visits. If time and efficiency is important to you, please contact our dental office today. We would be happy to answer all your questions and help you schedule your appointment.


You of course want the best for your little ones.  And being a busy parent that you are, you juggle many schedules.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you ALL go to the same dental office together and save time?  We are thrilled to see your children, and providing pediatric dentistry is another way we can be of service to you.  One of the perks of having several hygienists and dentists under the same roof is that each provider can see one member of your family, making dentistry convenient and time saving.  While getting their hygiene care, we also educate your littles on how to care for their teeth and take pride in doing a great job. It is important of bringing your child to the dentist as soon as his or her teeth come in. Prevention dentistry is key because healthy baby teeth is the foundation for healthy adult teeth. Good dental habits, like any other habits, should be learned while young as it is much harder to fix bad habits in adults. We invite you to contact Pearly Whites today to learn more and to schedule your child’s next visit.


Most wisdom teeth are useless. They only give you discomfort and doesn’t provide an extra ounce of wisdom.  Joking aside, this is a very common question asked of our team, can we extract wisdom teeth? We take care of most cases of wisdom teeth extractions in house, ranging from teenagers to adults.  There are many factors leading up to the decision to remove wisdom teeth.  Are they in the arch? Can you thoroughly clean them? Are they causing cavities to surrounding teeth, not only to the wisdom teeth?  Are they causing gum disease? What happens to your cheek if you continually chew on them? Will you ever need these wisdom teeth? Nothing beats a complimentary customized consultation with panoramic X-ray and Pearly Whites dentists will go over pros and cons with you regarding wisdom teeth.  We look forward to a sit down with you.

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