From Our Milling Machine to our Coffee and Cookie Baking

Cerec Milling Machine “Ms. Pearly”

We have loving nicknames for all our electronic work horses. After scanning and designing your tooth with the Cerec Omnicam “Mr. Whites”, your design is sent over to The Cerec Milling Machine “Ms. Pearly” to start chiseling your crown from a block of material.

Kodak Panoramic X-ray

It’s a 2D panoramic X-ray machine that images your lower half of the face in one single image.  It allows our team to diagnose the health of your joints, sinuses, your upper and lower jaws bones, any major problems with your teeth, and tissues surrounding your head and neck.

Itero Scanner

Dedicated Itero scanner for all of our Invisalign cases – no more of that yucky goop in your mouth. We can even do a simulation of your smile just two minutes after the scan so you can be even more confident about making the right choice to a straighter smile.

Nomad X-rays

Nomad fraternal twins + thin Gendex digital sensors (one of the thinner ones on the market today) allow for a comfortable and seamless flow to capture needed images of your teeth.  We bring the technology to you, one of the many ways we have thought of to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Sirona Cerec Sintering Oven “Mr. Speedy”

The Speedfire “Mr. Speedy” oven cooks crown at an ultra high temperature after they are milled to strengthen crown materials before delivering them to you.  This allows us to give everyone the right crown materials for their specific needs.