How to Avoid Spooky Dental Problems This Halloween

How to Avoid Spooky Dental Problems This Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, dental hygiene is more important than ever. With Americans spending $2.08 billion on Halloween candy each year, dentists everywhere are cringing in anticipation of the innumerable cavities being formed. The average child consumes about 7,000 calories worth of candy on Halloween day, and with their pillowcases overflowing with sticky sweets, both parents and children consume countless times more in the following weeks.

While everyone strives to maintain a healthy smile, preserving the white shine of teeth is challenging, particularly on Halloween when candy consumption becomes an activity in itself. Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure your teeth stay healthy throughout Halloween, so you can indulge in candy without stressing about dental erosion and discoloration.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the discoloring of teeth, but poor dental hygiene is a primary influence. Food and beverages cause plaque to build on the surface of the tooth, which can lead to both intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains occur inside of the tooth, whereas extrinsic stains are on the surface. Candy contains sticky sugars, which adhere to the teeth and form excess plaque. The plaque buildup leads to enamel thinning, tooth decay, and tooth discoloration.

How to Keep Your Teeth White Throughout Halloween

Halloween is the only day of the year where people across America can gluttonously binge on piles of sweets without having to feel guilty afterwards. Spending the night worrying about dental hygiene only puts a damper on the fun. Luckily, by implementing a few simple tips, you can ward off the dental demons and experience white, beautiful teeth.

  • Avoid sour candies. There is something strangely tantalizing about the sweet and sour hybrid of Warheads, Sour Patch Kids, and other mouth-puckering sweets. However, sour candies are even worse for teeth than sweet candies. In addition to being packed with sugar, sour candies contain acids, which can rapidly corrode the teeth and can cause irreversible damage to the enamel. If possible, avoid the sour candies and instead opt for the chocolates and caramels.
  • Use Opalescence Go. Opalescence Go provides an easy and convenient way to keep your teeth sparkling and white, helping to mitigate the damage of those late-night candy benders. Unlike some teeth whitening gels, which can actually aggravate the teeth and increase sensitivity, Opalescence Go is designed to strengthen the enamel and improve oral hygiene.
  • Be careful what you drink. In addition to candy, Halloween parties are often brimming with sugary beverages. The acidity and sugar in beverages can soften enamel, making teeth more prone to staining. For those who can’t resist a trip to the punchbowl, consider drinking out of a straw to minimize the drink’s contact with the teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth after eating and drinking. The sugars and acids in food and beverages continue to sit on your teeth well after the item has been consumed. By swishing water in your mouth after eating and drinking, you can rinse the excess sugars off of your teeth, leaving you with a cleaner mouth and a whiter smile.

Americans list Halloween as their third favorite holiday, barely surpassed by Christmas and Thanksgiving. As a day revolving around creative costumes, great parties, trick-or-treating, and an abundance of candy, it’s no wonder so many Americans love Halloween. However, candy can have devastating effects on the health and color of teeth, in some cases causing irreversible damage.

With a combination of excellent oral hygiene and Opalescence Go, you can keep your teeth sparking even in the midst of a week-long candy gorge. Be sure to visit Pearly Whites Las Vegas at least twice per year to maintain the health and longevity of your smile.

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