General & Family Dentistry - Pearly Whites Family Dentistry
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Family Dentistry Services

Dental Hygiene

The first step to a healthy smile is a clean smile! At Pearly Whites, Dr. Cat-Hien Nguyen and our dental team offer a wide variety of measures to guarantee your teeth and gums stay healthy and strong for a lifetime. We also educated our patients on the signs and symptoms of decay and what to watch out for in terms of problematic conditions. We suggest visiting our dental office at least once every six months. We welcome you to call us today to schedule your next appt. We look forward to serving you and your family with a smile!


Dental fillings are a common type of dental restoration use to maintain the vitality and health of a tooth after decay has been removed.  There are many different types of dental fillings available, including silver and white fillings. Thanks to modern advances in dental technology, silver filings with its amalgamation of many metal alloys, including mercury, it just isn’t worth the risk to your health when white fillings are available. If you are experiencing tooth pain or tooth sensitivity, or if you notice visible spots on the surface of your teeth, you may be in need of a dental filling. We encourage you to call our team at Pearly Whites today to schedule an appointment. We hope to take care of your smile soon!

Root Canal Treatment

Under the caring direction of our dentist at Pearly Whites, root canals do not have to be painful. In fact, we are generally able to complete a root canal in a single visit to our dental office. If you have severe tooth pain, we suggest calling our office immediately. You may be in need of root canal treatment. We are dedicated to alleviating your pain and helping you get back on the road to a healthier smile.


If you have experienced moderate to severe tooth decay or damage, a dental crown may be just the thing to restore the size, shape, appearance, and function of your smile. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are used to completely encase a damaged tooth up to the gum line. To learn more about this process and all the ways dental crowns can benefit your smile, please contact our dental office today. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and help you schedule your appointment.


At Pearly Whites, we understand the impact losing a tooth can have on your self-confidence and overall oral health. To help restore your smile after a tooth has fallen out or been extracted, we offer dentures. Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that are ideal for replacing most or all of the teeth in your smile. Dentures are a great option for our patients looking for a cost-effective, non-invasive treatment option. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of dentures, we welcome you to contact our dental office today to learn more. We are excited to give you a reason to smile again.

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Cat-Hien Nguyen and our team are thrilled to treat patients of all ages, so we provide pediatric dentistry in Las Vegas, Nevada. We stress the importance of bringing your child to the dentist as soon as his or her teeth come in. Dr. Cat-Hien Nguyen and our team believe in prevention dentistry. We will provide cleanings and teach your child to care for their teeth so that decay and other dental issues can be prevented. Keeping baby teeth in good health can be the foundation for the future health of the adult dentition. We invite you to contact Pearly Whites today to learn more and to schedule your child’s next visit.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

From start to finish, Dr. Cat-Hien Nguyen is here to take care of your smile. We are committed to guiding you through each step of your treatment process. This is especially true of our patients who are undergoing full mouth reconstructions. A full mouth reconstruction is a combination of all the treatments and services a patient needs in order to achieve optimal oral health and beauty. This treatment is generally suggested to our patients who are facing severe dental conditions that require more extensive treatment. We are here to answer all of your questions and help you feel excited about your smile again. Our team at Pearly Whites looks forward to working with you and your family, and we hope to hear from you soon.