Our vision “To empower people to live up to their potential by providing education, resources, and opportunity for growth.”
Pearly Whites Core Values

Success.  A successful person is open-minded and hardworking, willingly take constructive feedback, seeks to be wiser today than yesterday, will regularly set and achieve both personal and professional goals for the greater good.


People who tend to accept failure, be tardy, be complacent or even those who tend to complain will not fit in here.


Productive.  A productive person takes initiative, is efficient, practical, willingly change if what they’re doing is not working, and will utilize all the resources available to get results.


People who tend to waste time, act busy, distract others, use cellphones at inappropriate times, obstinate or lack initiative will not fit in here.


Caring.  A caring person shows appreciation towards one another and our patients. A caring person is empathetic and sympathetic, able to put others’ well-being above self-interest.  This person will do what is right.


People who tend to be neglectful, selfish, deceitful, make excuses, or lie will not fit in here.


Teamwork.  This means we are dependable, accountable, available and punctual because we are committed to do whatever it takes to help each other achieve more.  Holding our teammates accountable is paramount.


People who tend to put themselves first, lack communication skills, afraid to speak up for the greater good, or feel nothing is their fault will not fit in here.


We believe these values to be core to our very being and pride ourselves in living them out.