Conquering Bad Breath: A Scientific Approach

Conquering Bad Breath: A Scientific Approach

Between 35-45 percent of the population experiences bad breath, or halitosis, every day. Bad breath is essentially inevitable for most people, and here are four reasons why bad breath could be plaguing your mouth:

  1. Food. The food you eat affects the air you exhale. If you do not brush and floss, food particles can remain in the mouth, causing bad breath. Infrequent eating can also cause bad breath.
  2. Dry mouth. Dry mouth occurs when not enough saliva is produced. This can be caused by medications, salivary gland problems, or a constant breathing through the mouth.
  3. Medical conditions. Some diseases have symptoms related to bad breath, such as sinus or lung infections, and diabetes, to
  4. Smoking and tobacco. Not only does smoking and tobacco stain your teeth, it can also become one cause of bad breath.
  5. Gum disease. Bad breath can be one indicator of gum disease.

“The creation of bad breath is a natural and ongoing process in our mouths each day,” Smart Mouth Reported.  “There are millions of germs in our mouths which break down protein particles that are always present in our saliva. This results in the production of foul smelling sulfur gas. This gas is what we perceive as embarrassing bad breath.”

Visiting your dentist regularly will prevent bad breath from getting out of hand, and reveal other aspects of your oral health as well.

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