Because Comfort and Efficiency are what you seek

Pearly Whites promises to offer you comfort and efficiency at every visit. We understand that dental work can have some inherent discomfort, so we’ve carefully crafted a variety of options to put you at ease. Our comfort items like scented and heated neck pillows, softening hand wax, soft blanket will help you relax and alleviate any anxiety. A TV show of your choice in every room with a headset will transport you to a relaxing place while you get the needed work done. We are further aware that your time is valuable. As such, we customize each visit to maximize efficiency while delivering our signature stellar Pearly Whites care. All our technologies are specifically chosen to be mobile. We deliver everything to your room so you don’t move once you’re comfortably situated. We combine appointments to deliver results in as few visits as possible. All of this dental work takes place in a tranquil place that exudes modernity yet still retains its zen atmosphere. We can’t wait to show you how comfortable dentistry that is customized for you should be. Come experience Pearly Whites and our team of dedicated professionals whose sole job is to deliver superb care with an upbeat can-do attitude anytime of the day. See you all soon!

Because you want Same-day Dental Care

Whether a tooth kept you up all night or you’re doing well and just looking to establish a new relationship at Pearly Whites, we understand and try our best to deliver care in the same day that addresses your concerns.  We build in dedicated time slots on our daily schedule to address emergencies, or to catch up from an unexpectedly longer visit.  This built in time usually means we have the availability and the capacity to take care of you the same day you call.  Our goal is to provide a solution and a direction for you, and to alleviate any immediate concerns.  If there’s a cavity or if you’re in pain, we will do our best to address it on the same day.  If you need additional work, you will leave with an understanding of what is needed, the time it takes to complete the work, and financial arrangement that makes sense for you. If you expect your first visit to also include hygiene, we will make that happen. You should expect to leave Pearly Whites better off than when you came in.  Our well-trained team is ready and excited to see you.

Because a 5-Star Patient Experience is important to you

When we say we deliver 5-star ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ patient care, we don’t just mean dental care. From the moment you set foot in our office, to when you leave that appointment, we want to wow you every step of the way. You should expect your visit to be swift, and your financial arrangement to be clear.  We build in weekly training time for the entire team on both clinical and customer service aspects. We cross-train all team members so we can deliver the most cutting-edge dental care and bring to you the latest technology has to offer. We continually look for ways to streamline our administrative tasks to provide you seamless interactions.


There are two ways patients find us.  It is either through our wonderful reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or other social media sites, or it is through word-of-mouth from your trusted family, friend, or colleague.  And we’d like to keep it that way. We let your experience be our selling points. Introducing your family and friends to Pearly Whites is the best compliment you could give us and is the only way we want to grow our organization.  We promise to treat them like how we’ve treated you, which is exactly how we would treat our immediate family members.

Because Pearly Whites stands behind our Services 100%

All of the professionals at Pearly Whites adopt the attitude that once you’re a part of the Pearly Whites family, we treat you like family.  We are now the custodian for your teeth, and we take care of ALL of it. We will fine tune your existing restorations, at no cost, at every visit, regardless of whether the work was done at Pearly Whites or at any other place, if that means it will make them look better and more functional, which in turn make them last longer. Whether we recontour chipped teeth causing sore spots to your delicate tissues, smooth out the edges of fillings to remove stains and to prevent food traps, place sealants on the entire tooth to prevent future decay even when we are only filling a small portion of it, or make teeth look as natural as they could, we treat the WHOLE you.  We stand behind our services 100%.  If you are a regular patient (meaning you show up to all your hygiene maintenance visits regularly and follow our advice), and you encountered a problem with one of our restorations, we will fix or replace it at no additional cost to you. This typically means a 2-year period for fillings and 5-year period for crowns/bridges/dentures/implants, with normal use and wear.  This guarantee should give you peace of mind to start your needed treatments.  We live by: “Say what we do and do what we say!” Let’s make that phone call to get your dental health in top shape today.

Because our Advanced Technologies deliver better dental care

Pearly Whites feels homey yet has all the modern comforts you should expect of the most advanced dental office.  And it’s definitely by design.  We use technology to increase efficiency and to provide a higher level of service than what’s expected in the dental field.  Whether we use digital scan or computer aided design and milling unit from Sirona Cerec, the purpose is to provide you with same day crowns so you’re not encumbered with multiple visits or having to nurse temporary crowns. These custom perfectly fitting modern works of arts not only are long lasting, they restore your teeth to health while maintaining their natural look.


If you have unfortunately lost a tooth and need a replacement, dental implant usually is the most suitable solution to “grow” your tooth back and in many cases, can be done right here at Pearly Whites in the same visit.


We take gum infection therapy very seriously, as the American Heart Association research shows that infected gum is one of the easiest entry points for pathogens to enter your blood stream and cause harm to your entire body.  We use laser technology along with tried and true instrumentation for a two-pronged approach to eliminate gum infection quickly and effectively.


These are just a few areas where technology help us deliver better care to you. It is because we are well equipped that allows us to treat the WHOLE you.  If you’re able to get your routine care or your most complex treatments under the same roof, that just means less time coordinating treatments and more time doing what you desire.


Of course, we will refer to specialists when the need arise, and we have carefully hand selected our specialists to have the same core values and customer service as Pearly Whites so your visits to them will also be seamless. Nothing compares to experiencing our care and technology first hand.  We look forward to serving you.

Because you need a Second Opinion to make an informed decision

Many times, when we’re given diagnoses that are not in line with our beliefs about our health, it is natural to be alarmed and to put our guards up.  If you selected us, then you have no doubt trusted Pearly Whites enough to want an opinion from us. We take pride in being your second opinion sources. We will gather all information, either from previous sources you’ve been to, or our own, to confidently give you that opinion you seek.  We do this at NO CHARGE because we intuitively understand that an informed patient is a satisfied patient. With patients who choose to get their dental needs completed at Pearly Whites, please realize that we will not commence any work until you understand why you need the work, and you are confident that we can deliver what you want and you have chosen to have us take care of you.  We want to enter into a partnership with you where all parties involved understand their parts to achieve your desired goals. So feel free to call us for that second opinion.

Because having an Experienced Team is important to you

Being a lifelong learner comes with the territory of being a professional, doesn’t it?  All of our Dentists, Hygienists, clinical team and administrative team are continuously trained on a weekly basis to stay abreast of technologies and tips/tricks of the trade to help you have a better experience. We cross-train our entire team so we can all hold each other accountable.  Our dentists take hundreds of continuing education courses a year, surpassing the requirements from Nevada state board to keep their tools sharp. We are experts in all aspects of Family Dentistry, clear orthodontics such as Invisalign, Implants placement and restorations, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as bondings and veneers, and of course, Comprehensive Full Mouth Reconstruction cases involving multiple disciplines and sequencing of treatments. Dr. Cat Nguyen is a graduate of Dawson Academy, which makes her one of the few Temporo-mandibular joint experts in Las Vegas.


As we learn more about the oral systemic connection (how the mouth affects the rest of the body,) our hygienists, your prevention experts, are always on top of these changes and they are your best advocates for oral health. Their sole existence is to keep your mouth, AND you, healthy.  Because of advances in technology, the population as a whole is getting fewer cavities, but we are also living much longer, and the medication that keep our elders alive can often wreak havoc on once healthy teeth.  Our hygiene department is busier than ever before. If you’d like to experience the gentle touch of our conscientious hygienists, call us.

Because you need Flexible Payment Options for your teeth

We buy everything on credit and arrange payment plans to fit in with our budgets, so it only makes sense to also work your dental needs into payment plans.  If this is what’s stopping you from getting the care you need, we offer multiple ways to finance you.  More Mastercard, Care Credit, Lending Club, and Denefits are financial institutions we’ve partnered up to provide you 3rd party financing.  We also take Apple pay and Google pay, along with all forms of payments such as credit cards, checks, and cash. We also do short term in-house financing for qualified patients.  As you know, your dental benefit is at most a supplemental plan, usually stopping coverage at $700-$2000, with the majority of plans covering at $1500. If you need more than what insurance covers to get you back to health, financial options make perfect sense.  So, what’s stopping you from making that call?  We love to hear from you.

Because we offer Pearly Whites Dental Savings Plan

If you’re self-employed or don’t have dental benefits through your employer, don’t worry, you can now level the playing field with our Pearly Whites Dental Savings Plan. We have partnered up with Careington to provide you with our own dental saving plan. This plan will significantly reduce the cost of your dental care while allowing you to get your maintenance visits very affordably. To learn more about our Pearly Whites Dental Savings Plan, please call us at 702-888-1220 x 101 or inquire at your next visit with us. We look forward to saving you money.

Because we take your Insurance

It’s nice when your employers help you pay for your dental benefits. Statistics show that people with dental benefits keep up with their dental needs significantly more than people with no dental benefits.  Afterall, preventive care not only prevents problems, it helps you keep your dental care affordable. Because we understand the role your dental insurance plays in your health, we are proud to say that we are providers for most dental insurances, and we will file your claims for ANY dental insurance companies for you. There are only a few HMO plans that forces you to go to assigned providers and most employers give you options to choose between an HMO plan or a PPO plan.  We believe in patients having freedom of choice when it comes to their dental care therefore we have chosen not to participate with any HMO plans. Call us if you’d like to know more about what your dental benefits cover.

Because giving back to your community is important to you

If making a difference and giving back is what makes your life worth living, you are exactly our kind of people.  We are fortunate to work in a field that heals people.  We focus on giving seniors and veterans the basic care they need. We open our entire clinic once a year on Veterans day to local veterans who need the care but could not afford dental work. If you or someone you know are a veteran, please inquire with us for more information on our next Veterans Care Program.


Pearly Whites Mobile Care is a FREE service we offer to seniors in our community.  We visit senior nursing homes and bring our services to them one Friday a month.  We brush and floss seniors’ teeth, as well as diagnose and clean their teeth.  We partner with local barbers and manicurists to also provide basic hair cuts and nail trimmings. These are little things but they preserve the dignity of our seniors who can no longer care for themselves adequately.  We are just glad to be able to do our part.  If you are or have a senior in a home and would like to nominate a facility for these services, let us know.

Because your schedule is inflexible and you need Extended Hours

Pearly Whites realize that some of us have inflexible work schedules and you need extended hours to get the dental care you deserve.  We have evening appointments to accommodate your needs.  We are currently open from 8 AM up to 7 PM on Monday and Tuesday to make it as convenient for you as possible. If you find that our hours still do not work with your schedule, let us know. We are always finetuning our availability to you and we need your help to increase our success. We look forward to your inputs.

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