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9 Movie Scenes with Unbelievably Sexy Pearly Whites  

9 Movie Scenes with Unbelievably Sexy Pearly Whites  

Have you ever noticed that actors and actresses tend to have really amazing teeth? Pearly white, straight, dazzling…and when they smile, they really captivate. It’s criminal, really.

Chances are, though, that these actor and actresses have had professional teeth whitening procedures done. Getting your teeth looking that good isn’t happenstance.

Here’s a list of eight movie scenes with actors and actresses have unbelievably sexy pearly white teeth:


  1. Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary: Chances are, you’ve seen the famous movie cover for this one. Mary is leaning forward in a short and simple red dress and flashing her brilliant smile. Her pearly whites are further accentuated in the scene were she asks a super-geek to the prom — especially by the fact that he actually has braces — not that there’s anything wrong with braces, of course!

8 Movie Scenes with Unbelievably Sexy Pearly Whites   - Las Vegas



2. Anne Hathaway in Love & Other DrugsArguably one of the greatest transformations in cinematic history (remember the nerd in Princess Diaries?), Anne Hathaway’s smile is more than a sexy encounter. It’s an experience that will abolish your need for the most prominent drugs in this love flick.

500 anne hathaway



3. Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead: There isn’t much smiling going on in Jarhead, but when Jake does smile, you can’t help but notice how unbelievably sexy they are. Especially in that scene where the marines are playing around and flinging off their clothes.

8 Movie Scenes with Unbelievably Sexy Pearly Whites   - Las Vegas



4. Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four: Although she’s often seen with stern face of determination when fighting bad guys, when she’s with her gang of superheros her pearly white smile makes the entire room light up. Let’s not forget that amazing body complement her sexy smile.

500 jessic alba


5. Dwayne Johnson in Furious 7: Seemingly good cop turned bad, or vice versa…he’s on the good side, that’s all that matters. Whether he’s writing reports behind his desk or out in the field kicking ass, when Dwayne Johnson smiles everyone knows about it.

500 dwayne johnson


6. Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect: When Beca has her solo singing and dancing moment in the final Bellas song, she flashes her brilliant pearly whites and her guy crush nearly disintegrates after he sees it. In fact, nearly all the young men and women in their a cappella group have brilliant smiles, and they aren’t afraid to show them off!

8 Movie Scenes with Unbelievably Sexy Pearly Whites   - Las Vegas


7. Zoe Saldana in Star TrekI think we all know why Spock has a thing for this Starfleet communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise. Besides her brilliant ability to understand languages from all over the galaxy, her sexy smile ensures Spock deviates from his logical world to experience many moments of intimacy.

500 zoey zaldana


8. John Travolta and Olivia-Newton John in Grease: This movie is chock-full of brilliant smiles, of course, but Danny and Sandy’s feature some of the best. The scene where Danny decides to drop his ‘too cool’ attitude and Sandy forgives them and they live happily ever after comes to mind.

8 Movie Scenes with Unbelievably Sexy Pearly Whites   - Las Vegas


9. Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies: The scene where the zombie lover boy, R, smiles to show Julie (Teresa Palmer) that he’s not like the other zombies — oh, who are we kidding? Zombies never have nice teeth, even when they’re being portrayed as super-sweet and completely harmless.

8 Movie Scenes with Unbelievably Sexy Pearly Whites   - Las Vegas


If you want unbelievably sexy and brilliantly white teeth, we really do recommend getting your teeth professionally whitened. Want to learn more? Head on over to our teeth whitening page to learn more, or give us a call at 702.848.7079 to schedule a super-fast 20-minute teeth whitening session.